South Carolina Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehabOvercoming alcohol addiction is a difficult challenge. Alcohol is readily available in many stores and anyone over the age of 21 can legally purchase the substance. Although alcohol is legal, it can result in an addiction due to binge drinking or other complications. In South Carolina, alcohol abuse and addiction is a problem that often requires help to overcome.

South Carolina has a problem with alcohol addiction and abuse. Statistical facts based on state surveys suggest that more than 760,000 individuals binge drink. Although binge drinking does not always result in developing an addiction, it can increase the risk of dependence.

When substance abuse and addiction in the state is considered, roughly 40 percent of men and women in treatment facilities are addicted to alcohol without another drug. Roughly 13 percent more are addicted to alcohol and another substance.

The high rate of addictions to alcohol means that many facilities focus on treating alcoholism and fighting the temptation to use alcohol as a coping method. The treatment facilities often focus on the causes of addiction and provide treatment based on the individual situation.

Alcohol Rehab Programs

Rehabilitation for alcohol is similar to any other drug. A detoxification process is usually required before entering a facility. Other programs will include detoxification in the facility, but only if a doctor is present in the facility.

After the body has flushed alcohol from the system, which usually takes around three to seven days for most individuals, rehab centers will bring in patients. Some facilities focus solely on alcohol addiction while others are general addiction treatments.

One-on-one counseling is always provided as part of the treatment. Since many addictions are associated with poor coping strategies, a mental health condition or similar causes, the treatment will always focus on handling the particular situation. In some cases, treatment for a mental health condition is also provided to help get the mental state under control so alcohol is no longer a necessity.

Group therapy is usually part of alcohol addiction treatment because it helps individuals with their situation. By recognizing that other individuals are facing the same problems, it is possible to gain encouragement and support.

Aftercare is often suggested and provided. Some rehab centers will suggest joining a 12-step program while others provide continued counseling and group therapy for a set amount of time. Long-term aftercare treatment is usually ideal when it comes to avoiding a relapse.

Alcohol addiction is a problem in South Carolina, but it is also possible to treat. The state has programs and rehab centers available to help with the first steps of overcoming addiction.