South Carolina Detox Centers

drug and alcohol detox centersMost of the time, residents are looking for help with a marijuana addiction in South Carolina detox centers. In 2010, 6,085 people entered a treatment facility for their dependence on marijuana, and most of these people ranged in age from 12 to 17.

Although marijuana is the most abused drug in this state, people developed addictions to other substances as well that required a trip to South Carolina detox centers. In 2010, 1,954 people took a trip to a rehab center for cocaine abuse, 560 people entered for methamphetamine abuse and 1,982 people enrolled in drug rehab for addictions to prescription drugs. The good news is that fewer people need help with a methamphetamine addiction than they did in the past as the numbers of people abusing this substance is falling.

The fact is that the average number of people dying in South Carolina from drug-related causes exceeds the country’s average. This is unnecessary because South Carolina has a number of detox centers that can address the problems that addiction creates.

The philosophy of the detox center is that people cannot refrain from abusing drugs until they have conquered their addictions. They must do this first by detoxifying their systems. After they have done this, then they can enter counseling and join society again.

About Detox Centers

In South Carolina detox centers, people addicted to harmful substances will have the toxins left by these substances removed from their bodies. Detox can be a delicate process because people begin to experience withdrawal symptoms that can be unbearable. South Carolina detox centers have physicians and nurses on staff who can administer medications that ease these symptoms.

Also during the detox process, people may begin to suffer from psychiatric symptoms. If this occurs, the treatment facility’s psychiatric staff is on hand ready to address these issues. A large number of the people seeking treatment did so because of their addictions to the painkillers they became addicted to after an injury. During detox, they will need an alternative to the opiates they were taking, and South Carolina detox centers have medical staff ready to help with pain management.

South Carolina detox centers are a safe place for people addicted to drugs to become drug-free and receive help for their physical, emotional and psychiatric issues that accompany the addiction. They are a necessary first step to gaining control of their lives again.